Week 8 - Final Review

Arch 123 2012 Summer

Course Arch 123
Date 2012/08/08
Learning Objectives This last class, with both sections combined together, will consist of a final review where students will present their drawings for Project 02 to outside lecturers and guests.
  • Pin-up drawings by 9:15 am
  • Fill out teacher evaluations
  • Review will start promptly at 9:30
Uses Tool(s)

Review of Project 02

Drawings must be pinned up by 9:15. Drawings should be printed the day before. Please consult the checklist below to make sure you are fulfilling all requirements!

Location: Wurster 2nd Floor Lobby

Each group from Project 01 will quickly present their case study tracings. Then, each student will individually present their concept and their Re-Design drawings.


Plans, scaled at 1'=1/8" (BAM), 1'=1/16" (St Marys), 1/32" (De Young)
Must include section markers of where the section drawings are located
Ground floor plan must include site details (trees, path into building, etc)
Must include some furniture or reference of different programs in the spaces
North arrow must be facing up when orienting the drawing
If laying out plans vertically, ground floor plan is on the bottom with the highest floor on the top
Must show clear lineweight hierarchy (section line - thick, details - light)
Sections, scaled at 1'=1/8" (BAM), 1'=1/16" (St Marys), 1/32" (De Young) or bigger
Must include silhouettes or program references
Floors and walls must include some thickness (not single lines)
Must reference ground line and neighboring buildings (if there are any, if not, I suggest including tree silhouettes or cars)
Section drawing must lineup with at least one other drawing (typically, plan)
Must show clear lineweight hierarchy (section line - thick, details - light)
Axonometric drawing OR Perspective drawing
Must show clear lineweight hierarchy (profile edge - thick, corner lines - medium, details - light)
View highlights or emphasizes some important aspect of the concept
ORIGINAL Case Study Tracings
Must be all scaled correctly (1’ = 1/16”) and coordinate with the rest of the group
Must show clear lineweight hierarchy (section line - thick, details - light)
Original tracing image must be removed
These drawings should be printed separately from Re-Design layout and pinned-up together with the rest of the Original Case Study Tracings, by group
Drawings can include additional stylistic elements, including background images, poche, color fills and shadows. These must not take away from the precise lineweight in the drawing but can add to the overall concept of the project.
Reference lines and construction lines can be added to navigate the viewer from one drawing to another


Your drawings will be graded according to the following categories:

1. Concept + Style

The drawings clearly allude to the conceptual strategies of the Re-Design, included new cuts and additions into the original building. Additional elements have been added to help the drawing “read” graphically, such as backgrounds, section poche or silhouette images.

2. Precision + Detail

The drawings are clean, organized and precisely executed, with no messy corners or overlapping linework. Fine details have been added to represent either material construction or programmatic details.

3. Representation

The drawings show proper representation of drawing standards include lineweight hierarchy standard graphic conventions including stairs and apertures (door and windows).

4. Layout

The final layout includes all the required drawings in an evocative layout. Each drawing is scaled correctly and properly lined up in accordance to each other. The overall layout speaks to the concept of the Re-Design and is properly labeled with title, name, North arrows and section reference lines.

5. Presentation

Work is printed and pinned-up before 9:15 am. Student is able to clearly verbalize their concept and how it is embodied within the drawings.

5. Homework + Iteration

Fulfilled the weekly assignments that catered towards the final drawings. Each drawing has clearly been revised according to the comments and suggestions to incorporate more detail, precision and style.