This section contains pages that discuss generalizable ways of using representational tools and techniques toward specific ends. Material here is presented in a problem-driven manner.

Recently Modified Workflows

Heron Screenshot.PNG Importing US Census and ESRI data into Grashopper using Heron
This tutorial uses the Heron plugin in order to bring in US Census data and ESRI Demographics into Grasshopper from the web for mapping purposes.
Bongo intro 18.JPG Creating and Rendering an Animation with Bongo and VRay
The purpose of this workflow is to introduce Bongo, the animation plug-in that works in Rhino, focusing on the user interface and primary animation tools and techniques, culminating in how Bongo interacts with the VRay rendering engine to create a short video file.
36516.jpg The Basic Vray Rendering Workflow
This workflow will showcase the steps necessary to create a basic interior rendering with the Vray for Rhino plug in. The workflow will cover basic camera setup, sun and sky, and materials to create a convincing, high quality rendering.
Rhinoceros for OSX , VRay
W2C.20.JPG Day-to-Night Photomontage
This workflow demonstrates how to realistically turn a building photo taken in the day into a night photo with rain, reflection, and additional scene elements. Emphasis will be placed on the use of layer masks as essential editing tools that overlay rather than corrupt the original image.
Photoshop CS5
Final Drawing gallery interior.jpg Post-Processing an Interior Rendering Using Photoshop
This workflow will teach how to use a variety of post-processing techniques in Photoshop to create an interior rendering that effectively conveys material and lighting effects.
Photoshop CS5
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