This section contains pages that detail representational tools and pieces of software commonly employed in architectural production. Material here is presented in a process-driven manner.

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Bongo logo.jpg Bongo
Bongo is an animation plug-in for Rhino.
Illustrator CS5.jpg Illustrator CS5
Used to manage line-work and vector based work. Very difficult to be precise and detailed – so work is often exported to Illustrator from Rhino, AutoCAD or other CAD software.
Live Trace , Guides, Grids, and Rulers , Live Paint , Appearance and Graphic Style Panels , Clipping Mask … further results
Autocad 2012.jpg AutoCAD 2012
a software application for computer-aided design (CAD) and drafting in both 2D and 3D. The most used CAD software for Architects. Very precise drafting and easy to transfer / share files with other users.
Plotting a Layout , Creating a Layout for Plotting , Creating and Modifying Geometry , Inserting a Reference Image , Creating and Assigning Layers
Vray.png VRay
Rendering software to render from Rhino and other CAD packages. Difficult to render while using other applications, but very easy to use.
Sun and Sky , Rendering with HDRI plus sunlight , Material Editor , Alpha Channels , Global Illumination … further results
Rhino 4 Splash Screen.jpg Rhinoceros
Digital modeling software for 3D modeling using NURBS geometry. Models can be rendered using additional software, or translated into 2D drawings.
Closing Curves and Defining Regions , Background Bitmap , Exporting the 3D Model , Tesselating NURBS Surfaces , Lights … further results
Grasshopper Splash Screen.jpg Grasshopper
A visual node-based scripting tool that is a plug-in for Rhino. This used to be called 'Explicit History' for Rhino and a good way to describe it's usefulness is that it allows you to record a series of commands, where each step can be tied to a parameter for later adjustment.
Main Dialog , Parameters, Components, and Data , Elk for Grasshopper , Data Tree
Adobe-After-Effects-CS6.png After Effects CS6
describe this tool here
Render and Export , Render and Export your , Render and Export your , Timeline and Keyframes , Render and Export your … further results
Photoshop CS5.jpg Photoshop CS5
Used to manipulate and manage raster photos and graphics. Has a variety of tools for changing the color (hue), saturation and appearance of images.
Adjustments , Crop , Guides, Grids, and Rulers , Toolbar , Clone Stamp … further results
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