Studiomaven Help Page

Looking for help with Studiomaven? This is the place.

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Studiomaven Sections

The Wiki is organized into several different Sections . Each section contains different information, but the content of one Section may reference pages in another Section.

Course pages are for specific academic courses that use the Studiomaven system. Here, lectures or lessons will be posted for weekly Sessions .
Exercise pages where exercises will be posted for grading. Exercises test proficiency of the skills taught in each Session.
Workflows are pages that discuss the steps in using representational tools and techniques toward specific ends. Often, Exercises will reference Workflows. Workflows use and reference Tools .
The Context pages describe general concepts in architectural representation and the context of design culture in which these representations are produced. They are broad overviews of important concepts in architectural representation.
Tool pages detail the representational software and plug-ins commonly employed in architectural production. Tools are made of Parts .
Use the Search page to quickly find what you are looking for. Be sure to select which parts of the Wiki you want to search by clicking on a category in the gray box.

How to Use the Studiomaven Wiki

Click the icons in the menu bar at the top of the site to quickly jump between Sections. The Contents on the right side of each page lists links to the different parts of each page. This Help page can be found under Navigation, also on the right side of each page.

The information on Studiomaven is organized to show the relationships between the tools and processes of digital representation. Clicking on the links within each page connects you to more information on that topic. External links in the Resources part of the page provide even more information.

If your studio course is using Studiomaven, you will mainly navigate the Wiki from your Course page. Weekly Sessions will teach you about a specific topic or technique that pertains to your course. You may be required to complete an Exercise using a Workflow as a reference.

If your studio course is not using Studiomaven, explore the Context pages for an overview of concepts. For figuring out how to use a specific piece of software, look through the Tools . To learn how to use different Tools together to produce something specific, read through the Workflows .