Milling Strategies

Arch 200c 2013 Fall

Course Arch 200c
Date 2013/11/14
Learning Objectives All processes of fabrication carry constraints. An essential constraint when working with a 3-axis mill is the maximum vertical clearance between the bed and the drill bit, which determines the maximum millable thickness for any material assembly. Given the 4" clearance allowed by the CNC mill in the fabrication shop, and the fact that our site models are likely to violate this thickness in their representation of the highly topographic surface of Pt Bonita, this workshop is dedicated to a thorough discussion of strategies for realizing models that exceed 4" in every dimension.
  • Review of Test Objects (1h)
  • Milling Strategies (30m)
  • Intro to 3d Print File Prep (30m)
Uses Tool(s)

Review of Test Objects

With Chris Palmer, except plaster group.

Milling Strategies

This session will be led by Rudy Letsche. - Rhino processes for setting up to 3D print - Slides showing the many uses of 3D Printer

Intro to 3d Printing File Prep