Introductory Workshop A

Arch 200c 2013 Fall

Course Arch 200c
Date 2013/08/30
Learning Objectives Attack! Students will hit the ground running on this first day of 200c with a prepared model fabrication exercise and Woodshop Orientation.
  • Presentation of Castform Project
  • Plaster Casting Workshop
  • Housekeeping
    • Exchange of Contact Info
    • Technology Summary
      • Studiomaven
      • BOX
Uses Tool(s)

This session will be led by Kirsten Larson and Rudy Letsche in the CED shop.

  • 11:00a - 2:00p: Shop Orientation – meet in the CED shop on 2nd floor
    • Wear appropriate clothing: pants, closed shoes, no loose hanging shirts/jewelry
  • 2:30p - 7:00p: Intro Workshop A (plaster casting, wear appropriate clothes) meet in the CED shop on 2nd floor
  • 7:00 - 10:00: Mandatory welcome lecture