Lecture 2 & Graphic Pinup

Arch 200c 2014 Fall

Course Arch 200c
Date 2014/09/25
Learning Objectives Our third lecture on the topic of Digital Modeling, discusses the ways in which computer technology has challenged and transformed traditional modes of architectural drawing. Following this, a broad-reaching discussion of the instrumentality of digital modeling and an overview of data structures typically employed in architectural design, from 2d vector and raster drawings to 3d representations of form.
  • Lecture 2 - Modeling (45 m)
  • Overview of Architectural Data Structures (15 m)
  • Graphic Pinup (60 m)
Uses Tool(s)

Lecture 2: On Modeling

Common Data Structures in Architectural Practice

A broad-strokes overview of common data structures used in architectural software.

Graphic Pinup for 200a Assignment 1

A portion of today's class is dedicated to a 'graphic dress rehearsal' of your work for 200a. Please be pinned up in room 901 prior to the start of class so that Eleanna, Jeremy, and Kyle can assist you in improving the graphic quality of your work.