Week 9

ARCH-2351 2015 Fall

Course ARCH-2351
Date 2015/11/09
Learning Objectives
  • Reading 3 Discussion
  • Unit 2_Language: L-Systems, Cellular Automata, Reaction-Diffusion
Uses Tool(s)


Example Files


Project 3

For your process (selected amongst L-System, CA, RD), put together a brief presentation that has the following components:

  • Origins of the process (what was it designed to model? who created it?)
  • A concrete (simple) case to be able to show the rule and how it is applied to create the next step
  • Some screencaptures of patterns resulting from these processes
  • Survey its use in architectural design (inclusive of urban planning, product design, textiles etc)

Extra Credit

Take a random distribution of points in the plane , and apply a "relaxation" to these according to the following rule: move each point away from its nearest neighbor by an amount determined by a repel factor. See whether you can find a suitable repel factor such that the distribution of points converges to a uniform triangulation (such as what you produced in a top-down way in Project 1)

A similar process is applied to a mesh in the following example file, for which the rule is to move the point to the centroid of its nearest neighbors.