Week 8

ARCH-2351 2015 Fall

Course ARCH-2351
Date 2015/11/02
Learning Objectives
  • Project 2 Review
  • Unit 2_Language Intro
Uses Tool(s)


Example Files

For Next Week

Final Submission for Project 2

Your final submission of Project 2 must be submitted to the shared Dropbox folder before class next week, and should include cleaned up code (.ghx), process screenshots and archival of your work (a "finalized" piece or sequence that captures the project as compiled .pdfs or high res scans/photographs).

Reading 3

Please have your presentation and responses submitted to Dropbox before class next week. Responses should also be printed out to be used during class discussion.

Norbert Wiener, Human Use of Human Beings , 1950, read p. 48-73 Chapter III and p. 74-94 Chapter IV
Christopher Alexander, Pattern Language , 1977, read p. xviii-xxxvii Summary of the Language and p. 609-647 Chapter 127