Final Stretch

Arch 2042 2012 Spring

Course Arch 2042
Date 2012/05/04
Learning Objectives Describe the learning objectives for this class session here, in narrative form. What concepts will you discuss? What skills do you want students to acquire? Try something like 'In this workshop we will introduce...' or 'After this workshop, students will be expected to be able to...'
  • Final Deliverables
  • Course Evaluation
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Final Project Deliverables

For your final project submission, please prepare the following:

A tight 15 minute slide presentation

There is no limit on the number of slides, but should include

  • CONTEXT - describe the context(s) for your project. This includes a clear problem statement and what you hoped to achieve with design computation
  • CONCEPTS/DESIGN TOOLS - describe the processes/concepts/tools that used or that you developed for your project. This should include the role that design computation played in your project.
  • DRIVERS - describe the key drivers that you have considered in your design, highlighting challenges and tradeoffs
  • RANGE - demonstrate the range of solutions generated by your design; in addition to illustrating tradeoffs, this may be a good way to detail the process that you have undertaken to overcome limitations or overdeterminacy.
  • your DESIGN SOLUTION - provide the rationale for your final design choice. This may be the process you used, the construction method, demonstrating order of assembly. If appropriate, be prepared to give calculated performance of your system.

Remember: Tell the story, not the chronology.

1 printed 24"x36"

This should be a self-standing piece with attention to selection of images (with legends and descriptions), legible layout and appropriate insertion of text. This should not rely on your being there to to explain it.

The final presentations will be on May 11. You will have until May 18 to finalize your project submission . Please place your slides, the digital file for your poster, and all accompanying code into a folder called Final_LastName into each of your Dropbox folders.

Course Evaluation

In addition to the course evaluations provided by RISD, it is very important to me to get some specific feedback from you about this course. You will be receiving an email invitation to take a survey which will be collected anonymously and analyzed. This course is a work-in-progress and how I teach it and its future offering at RISD in the future critically depends on your evaluation.