Week 9

ARCH-2347 2014 Fall

Course ARCH-2347
Date 2014/11/10
Learning Objectives Continuing our treatment of parametrization, we show how other coordinate geometries can be used to describe many surfaces using a rectangular domain. Using this simplified description, the decod.es Surface class is introduced. The basics of using this class, the construction and desirable features of classical surfaces, as well as the application to many decomposition examples will be demonstrated.
  • Lecture
    • Surfaces
  • Workshop
    • Decomposition Examples
  • Desk Crits
Uses Tool(s)



All workshop material are drawn from the Examples folder. Those demonstrated in class are:

  • Surface Basics
  • Classical Surfaces
  • Desirable Features

Decomposition examples:

  • Surface Decomposition based on Curvature
  • Pre-Rational Torus Studies
  • Post-Rational Panelization