Week 8

ARCH-2347 2014 Fall

Course ARCH-2347
Date 2014/11/03
Learning Objectives The parametric representation of curves and surfaces are introduced which underlies the functional view of drawing these objects using decod.es. The richness of parametrizing using other coordinate geometries -- polar, cylindrical and spherical -- will be demonstrated in the workshop.
  • Lecture
    • Curves
    • Preview of Surfaces
  • Workshop
    • Curve Basics
    • Parametrization
    • Geometric Properties
    • Manipulating Geometric Properties
  • Roundtable for Final Project Ideas
Uses Tool(s)



The workshop file can be accessed on the Class Dropbox under Workshops/ week8 .ghx

Relevant Examples

All of these can be found in the Examples folder:

  • Curve Basics
  • Curve Parametrization
  • Geometric Properties of Curves
  • Manipulating Geometric Properties of Curves


Prepare a 1-page final project brief. This should be a more detailed version of what the roundtable proposal, and should include a problem statement, relevant context (images of site, building details), anticipated process. Please have this in your Dropbox folder before class on Nov 10 .