Create a 3D Model of the Hargrove Music Library

Screenshot Musiclib.jpg
For this exercise, we'll be using 2D drawings to create a basic 3D model of the Hargrove Music Library.
Assessment objectives

Assessment objectives include:

  • Ability to align separate drawings and their elements
  • Use of basic 3D rhino commands
  • Arrangement of 3D elements
  • Ability to include 3D details
Exercise Type Problem Set
Evaluation Criteria
High Pass
3D model including terrain, walls, structure, and openings for windows and stairs.
3D model including terrain, walls, structure and openings, but with clear errors
Low Pass
Incomplete 3D model, missing various key elements
No Submission
Uses Tool(s) Rhino
Uses Workflow(s) [[Uses workflow:: Workflow:210577 ]]

Using your existing Rhino(.3dm) file with the Quad-Level Plan and South-facing Section, add, scale and trace the basic elements of the upper-level and field level from your previously downloaded Week 1 Materials to include walls, skin, openings, and structure. Details are not necessary, such as the louvers, window frames, stairs, or interior furniture, unless you want to impress me. Create new layers for the new drawings and align them with the section in 3D (per the workflow example), creating each floor separately. Then add the terrain as a single lofted surface.

Please save the 3d model as a .3dm file:

Last Name, First Name_Week 2_Section 01 or 02

Email to no later than Thursday night (July 11th) at 11:59pm. Also, please make sure your files aren't big. Anything over 25mb cannot be accepted by the gmail mail server. This will become especially important when we get into rendering.