200c f14 VRay and Photoshop Problem Set

Screenshot Base render vray exercise.jpg
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Assessment objectives

Assessment objectives include:

  • Using the sunlight system to create a light in the scene
  • Applying and properly scaling multiple materials in VRay
  • Rendering the scene to get accurate shadows and material textures
  • Proper addition of entourage, including scale figures and background images.
Exercise Type Problem Set
Evaluation Criteria
High Pass
Scene shows correct shadows and materials and entourage are placed and scaled properly
Scene shows correct shadows and materials and entourage are properly placed
Low Pass
Scene shows correct shadows only, materials and entourage are placed, but look wrong
No submission
Uses Tool(s) Tool:VRay , Tool:Photoshop CS5
Uses Workflow(s)



Download the files for this problem set here . You will find a Rhino file, as well as 2 different concrete textures, a wood textures, and a corten steel texture.

Step 1

Add a sun and sky, add one of the concrete materials to the walls and window sills, wood to the floor. Make sure to scale the texture maps appropriately so that the concrete looks like concrete and the wood flooring looks like planks of wood. Don't forget to add bump maps to the textures you use. Then render at 800x600 resolution.

Step 2

Take the rendered image into Photoshop, add a sky image, and multiple people to the scene. Lastly, add a tree through the window. Find this entourage on any of the websites we have shown in class. Make sure to add appropriate shadows for entourage you add to the scene.


Add glass to the windows as well as extra textures (corten window frames?)


Save your final rendering as a JPG file , named FIRSTNAME_LASTNAME.JPG , and attach it to an email to the following email address: upload.PS3.j7gmu3434q@u.box.com