Studiomaven Dropbox

Using the Studiomaven Dropbox

Studiomaven keeps its own Dropbox for files that are not supported on the Wiki. Please contact an administrator for login information.

The folders in the Dropbox correspond with the naming conventions on the Wiki so that files can easily be found and referenced. All files for the Wiki are in the Public folder so that they can be referenced on the site. Within the Public folder are folders for each Section : Context, Course, Exercise, Tool, and Workflow. Use the correct folder for the file. Within each Section folder are subfolders named by the numerical portion of their name . So, if uploading a video for a Workflow, click on the Workflow folder, create a folder with the workflow number as its name, and upload the video there.

Displaying Media from the Studiomaven Dropbox


Syntax for a video on the Studiomaven Dropbox : (only mp4 files will play properly)



We use the Google Documents viewer on Studiomaven. Strangely, it doesn't seem to work that well under certain conditions when using Google Chrome on Windows. If you cannot see a PDF displayed below, try logging in to your google account (in gmail, igoogle, gcal, or gdocs) and refreshing the page.

Here is the wiki markup text for displaying files from the Studiomaven dropbox on this wiki:
The width of the embedded viewer is fixed, but there is one optional parameter that may be called to set the height. This may be called by using the "pipe" separator as follows:

For a complete list of functional formats, see the google docs viewer supported formats page