Global Illumination
Global Illumination is the default indirect illumination in a scene.
Part of VRay
Part Type Entity
Screenshot GlobalIllumination.jpg

Introduction to Global Illumination

Global Illumination, or GI, is the natural lighting that appears by default in a scene rendered in V-Ray. For instance, for a room with a window but no lights inside, GI is the natural light that comes in through the window so that it is not completely dark.

To create a scene with lighting for a specific time of day, or for interior scenes, lights can be added to the scene.

Global Illumination Options

The options are found in the Render Options window. Under Environment, make sure GI is checked if Default Lights under Global Switches is unchecked. Under Indirect Illumination, make sure GI is checked.


The color tone of the environment is determined by the color of the GI. The default color is light blue. To change the color, click on the colored box icon and select a color. See below to see what difference it makes to change the GI color.

Using an Image for Global Illumination