Artboards are the regions that contain printable artwork.
Part of Illustrator CS5
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Introduction to Artboards

The artwork that exists within the artboard will be printed; for this reason, artboards can be treated as crop areas for printing or placement of images, paths, and objects. Multiple artboards are useful for creating things such as multiple page PDFs or individual images.

Setting Up Artboards

To create artboards, open Illustrator and specify the artboard size, number of artboards, and the measurement system of the rulers.


To edit an artboard's dimensions, press Shift+O, or click on the artboard icon in the editing toolbar. Click on the artboard to change its dimensions by clicking and dragging the edges of the artboard. Or, enter the width and height into the boxes under the main menu. Inputting actual dimensions will create precisely sized artboards.


The artboard options toolbar makes it easy to add artboards to the document at any time and edit the artboards in a variety of ways (portrait/landscape, bleed, proportions, etc). Hover over the various options and experiment with the possibilities available in the main toolbar while edit artboards is active.