Rendering with Sunlight
This workflow will describe the basic steps of using the SunDockBar and inserting a light into a scene using VRay. Additional controls such as adjusting the camera settings and controlling the intensity of the sunlight are discussed.
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Screenshot 16vr.jpg
  • Type in sun in the command line and choose SunDockBar
  • You can also access this command from the VRay interface sun icon
  • Turn the sun system on and select the location and time/date of your scene
  • Once you have selected these options, hit OK and place the sun/light within your model

  • Turn on the physical camera and adjust the shutter speed and Film speed ISO
  • For a daylight scene with the sun being the only source of light, your shutter speed value should be around 300-500 (depending on the daytime in the sun settings) and the ISO should be around 100-150 .

  • Your result will look like this.
  • The scene looks a bit too yellow. In order to adjust that, select a slightly yellow color in the white balance box.

  • Your new result will be this:

  • Connect your sun to the environment of the scene
  • Go to Environment , click on the m next to GI and Reflection/refraction (background) and connect the sunsystem to the environment by selecting TexSky on the left side first and then choosing Rhino Document Sun on top

  • Your result will look like this.
  • Adjust the white balance to a more blueish tone and correct the shutter speed as well as the ISO value.

  • In order to get the most realistic light calculation you should change your primary engine to irradiance map and the secondary engine to lightcache in the indirect illumination menu .

  • After adjusting the engines turning on the ambient occlusion and a blueish tone for the white balance, the shutter speed of 600 and the ISO of 100. Your result will be this:

  • In order to get softer shadows from your sun you can increase its size in the environment menu:

  • With a size value of 10 your scene looks like this:

  • Now you have a nice lighting set up. In order to get a realistic result you have to add some textures. Use the Vray material editor in order to load some materials and apply them to the surfaces: