Rendering HDRI Interiors
Using HDRI rendering with sunlight, this method shows the steps for creating a proper interior render by editing the color mapping of the image.
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Screenshot 33vr.jpg
  • we are using the settings of the final sun and sky. If you render an interior scene with those, this is the result:

  • The scene is too dark which means we have to adjust the camera settings first. So increase the ISO value to 400 and lower the shutter speed to 200.

This is your result now:

  • There are some “burned” areas where the sunlight hits the floor/ceiling and the sky is not visible outside of the window.

  • In order to get control over that, first of all you have to change the color mapping to HSV Exponential.

  • By only changing the color mapping to HSV exponential the “burned” spots disappeared and the sky is visible in the background. Now you can adjust the ISO and shutter speed again in order to get a brighter lighting result.

  • If you are ok with the general lighting, add some materials to get a realistic result.
  • The last scene has a shutter speed of 40. if you add materials you have to adjust the shutter speed again. The brightness of the image also depends on the brightness/colors of your textures.