The Group tool allows you to create a collection of objects that may be selected and operated on together.
Part of Illustrator CS5
Part Type Interface
Screenshot [[File:|320px]]

Create a group by going to Object and click Group . Now if you select one of the objects that are included in this group you will notice that all the objects inside the group are selected as well. Notice that in your Layers tab, if you click on the arrow on the left on the Layer name you will see that the group you just created is included in the current Layer.


The Group tool is useful since it allows to automatically select multiple objects without having to go through and select them one by one. If you wish to edit an object inside your group, you simply have to double click on an object of the group and by using the Direct Selection tool you can apply changes to the object. By doing this access the isolation mode, where only the objects of this particular group are active. If you wish to apply transformation on your group, select it and go to the transform menu and choose the mode of transformation you wish to make (rotate, scale, reflect etc.).