Rendering Sketchy
Sketchy renders offer a quick solution to creating ambient lighting without inserting sunlight into the image. This method shows the process for setting up a sketchy rendering by changing the primary and secondary engines of the renders and editing the camera settings.
Part of VRay
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Screenshot 3vr.jpg
  • Open vray. Load default settings and press render. you will get this result:

  • turn on ambient occlusion in the indirect illumination menu adjust the radius of your ambient occlusion to the size of your model
  • in order to get good results for this kind of renderings, you should always use Irradiance map for primary and Brute force for secondary secondary.

  • you will get this result:
  • note, your shadows are much sharper and the model appears much more defined, you can adjust the amount

  • turn on physical camera in order to control the brightness of your scene.
  • Set shutter speed to 20 and film speed ISO to 125
  • adjust the shutter speed and the film speed in order to adjust the brightness of your scene. Lower shutter speed values make the image brighter, lower ISO values make the image darker.