Refine Edge
The Refine Edge option improves the quality of selection edges, letting you extract objects with ease. You can also use Refine Edge options to refine a layer mask.
Part of Photoshop CS5
Part Type Method
Screenshot Refine Edge Menu.png

View Mode

Edge Detection

Smart Radius
Automatically adjusts the radius for hard and soft edges found in the border region. Deselect this option if the border is uniformly hard- or soft-edged, or if you want to control the Radius setting and refinement brushes more precisely.
Determines the size of the selection border in which edge refinement occurs. Use a small radius for sharp edges, and a large one for softer edges.

Adjust Edge

Reduces irregular areas (“hills and valleys”) in the selection border to create a smoother outline.
Blurs the transition between the selection and surrounding pixels.
When increased, soft-edged transitions along the selection border become more abrupt. Typically, the Smart Radius option and refinement tools are more effective.
Shift Edge
Moves soft-edged borders inward with negative values or outward with positive ones. Shifting these borders inward can help remove unwanted background colors from selection edges.


Decontaminate Colors
Replaces color fringes with the color of fully selected pixels nearby. The strength of color replacement is proportionate to the softness of selection edges.

Important: Because this option changes pixel color, it requires output to a new layer or document. Retain the original layer so you can revert back to it if needed. (To easily see changes in pixel color, choose Reveal Layer for the View Mode.)

Changes the level of decontamination and fringe replacement.
To Determines whether the refined selection becomes a selection or mask on the current layer, or produces a new layer or document.