Layers organize elements of your drawing.
Part of Illustrator CS5
Part Type Interface
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Layers are a fundamental part in various software applications, such as Rhino, Photoshop, Illustrator etc.


By working with your changes as layers, you will be able to turn on and turn off elements on the canvas and allow for a versatile working image, not an unchangeable singular image. Using the layers panel is an essential tool for Illustrator at all levels of expertise. Use the icon on the layer tab to create new layers, sublayers or delete layers. Also, notice the visibility and lock icons on the left. These icons allow you to temporarily hide or lock you object. If you click on the expand arrow of the layer you are able to access all the objects the are included in that layer. You can select any object by clicking on the icon on the right (outer and inner circle). One important thing to notice is that on the upper right corner of the layer tab there is an icon indicated by an arrow. If you click there, a drop down menu will appear. Click on the option Paste remembers layers , in order to be able to copy object from one Illustrator file to another without losing your layer setup.

Import a file from CAD software

Importing artwork to Illustrator from CAD programs allows you to keep the same layer management of your initial drawing.

Arrange Layers

If you wish to change the layers of a particular object all you have to do is select the layer that you wish to transfer the objects to and then select the objects. Right click on the objects, hit Arrange , Sent to current layer .