Course Outline

Outline may changed according to the progress each week in section and coordination studio.

Week 1 - June 22
Introduction: BIM and REVIT concepts and terminology.
Interface Organization:
Project Organization Overview: View Types, References, Content.
Importing, Linking, and Exporting: AutoCad, Illustrator, Photoshop, Rhino.
Week 2 - June 29
Online Resources
Massing tools and conceptual mass workflow
Project setup- location, true north and project north.
Site Setup: terrain site, pads
Week 3 - July 06
Project Views and Navigation: View Templates, Visibility, Linework and
Fill Patterns
Basic Modeling: Walls, Doors, Windows, Floors, Stairs, Curtain walls,
Grids, Columns
Sheets and Layout
Week 4 - July 13
Modeling Continued: Advanced topics.
Locating, adjusting, and creating component and in-place Families.
Creating and Testing Parameters
Week 5 - July 20
Families continued.
Complex/Nested Families.
Annotation and Annotation Families - use and Customization
Linework and Detail components
Week 6 - July 27
Building Model analysis
Cameras: Perspective and Measured
Materials: Editing and Creation
Rendering and Lighting
Week 7 - August 03
Drawing, Rendering, and Layout refinement.
Week 8 - August 10
Reviews - Very likely no lab