Advanced 3d Modeling

Arch 123 2012 Summer

Course Arch 123
Date 2012/07/02
Learning Objectives After practicing 3d modeling for homework, this class will focus on some of the more advanced 3d modeling tools that ensure precision and water-tightness. An overview of 3d modeling skills will showcase some of the different purposes such as 3d printing/modeling, BIM, visualizations/renderings, and of course advanced drafting. The workflow will use an existing 3d model to create a drawing using Make2d.
  • Pin-Up: Traced Drawings Revisited
  • Discussion: How do we start modeling an existing building?
  • Lecture: 3d Modeling: Purposes, programs + specifics
  • Workflow + Exercise: Modeling a soda can three ways
Uses Tool(s) Rhinoceros


Students will pin-up and re-present their drawings from last week, in printed form. Presentations should walk the viewer through the different spaces of the building per their individual drawing.

Discussion: Modeling a Building

After having worked in Rhino3d for the homework, student should discuss some of the problems they are facing in regards to modeling an existing building. What information is needed / missing in order to complete the assignment? What are some of the difficulties?

Lecture: The Purposes, Programs and Specifics of 3d Modeling

  • The different ways to modelĀ : Soda Can Example
  • Surface Commands
    • Planar Surfaces: Plane, Plane (Vertical), PlanarSrf, PlaneThroughPt, CutPlane,
    • Extruded Surfaces: ExtrudeCrv, ExtrudeCrvAlongCrv, ExtrudeCrvTapered, ExtrudeCrvPoint, Ribbon, Fin
    • Non-Planr Surfaces: SrfPt, EdgeSrf, Loft, Revolve, RailRevolve, Sweep1, Sweep2
  • Editing Tools:
    • Boolean Commands, ExtendSrf, FilletSrf, ChamferSrf, Variable Fillet / Blend, Connect Surfaces, BlendSrf, OffsetSrf, Unroll
  • Curve Extractions:
    • Project, Pullback, Interpolate on Surface, DupEdge, DupBorder, Extract Isocurve, Extract Point, Extract Curve, Extract Wireframe, Section, Contour

3d Surface Tools

Precision Modeling, using a Jig to model a kayak or canoe
This workflow takes you through the steps to precisely model curved objects such as kayaks or canoes. By creating jigs, or consecutive sections, you can easily loft along a NURBS surface that accurately fits the shape of the hull.
Make a Kayak
Please read the exercise requirements and submit the final Rhino file (.3dm, Rhino4 or earlier) to by Sunday June 8th.

Assignment 3

  • The next assignment, second to last, for Next Top Model , each group should finish the digital model of the building. This model should be precisely executed with accurate details including handrails, window mullions and built in furniture. Each group must submit one file (.3dm) by email or if too large, via flashdrive during the next class. Layers should be organized and labeled per each students contribution.

Additional Help / Links

  • Rhino Modeling help page list and describes the various commands, with several short (<10 sec) videos.
  • Digital Toolbox has great 2d and 3d tutorials, surveying some of the basic Rhino commands.
  • Rhino3dHelp has a step by step tutorial on creating a simple house. This can be helpful for reviewing some of the basic concepts of putting together a building via plan and section.
  • Rhino Tech Tips offers a range of video tutorials modeling advance objects from headphones to chairs.