Digital modeling software for 3D modeling using NURBS geometry. Models can be rendered using additional software, or translated into 2D drawings.
Manufacturer McNeel
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Background Bitmap , Lights , Camera , Control Points , Polycurve , Mesh , NURBS Curve , Rational Surface , NURBS Surface

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Units , Mouse, Toolbar, and Commands , Snaps and Ortho , Aliases , Grid , Spatial Navigation , Viewport , Object Selection , Object Properties

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Closing Curves and Defining Regions , Exporting the 3D Model , Tesselating NURBS Surfaces , Contouring a NURBS Surface , Unrolling a Polysurface , Splitting, Trimming, and Dividing Curves , Extruding , Working with the Construction Plane , Ensuring Watertightness , Make2D , Texture Mapping , Rhino Render , Exporting 2D Lines , Splitting, Trimming, and Dividing Surfaces , Working with Blocks , Placing an Isometric Camera View


Rhinoceros (often referred to as "Rhino") is a CAD software application, primarily used for geometric modeling in 3D, and is widely-used in architecture, nautical design, and jewelry design. It is a surface-based modeler , and relies heavily upon the use of NURBS (Non-Uniform Rational B-Splines) to describe surface geometry. Models produced in Rhino can be exported in various forms, including renderings, 2D linework, and other 3D model formats. Rhino can also be used for drawings in 2D .

Overview of Interface

Rhino Window

The Rhino interface has several parts that are controlled by mouse clicks or keyboard-entry commands .

RhinoWindow parts.png

  1. Menu : Groups Rhino commands by function.
  2. Command history window : Displays previous commands and prompts.
  3. Viewport name : The name of the viewport , which can can be saved or loaded . Left click to activate the viewport; right click to display the viewport menu.
  4. Status Bar :Displays the current coordinate system, the current location of the cursor, and the status bar panes .
  5. Viewports : The main Rhino working environment where objects are displayed and selected .
  6. Toolbar : Graphical icons for initiating commands.
  7. Command prompt : Type commands here. Command options are also displayed here.
  8. Window title : Displays the current model's file name.


The foundation of geometry in Rhino is NURBS, which has its roots in mathematics. Objects are defined by degree, control points, knots, and an valuation rule. Linear means degree 1, quadratic means degree 2, and so on; changing the degree of an object alters its form. Control points correspond to an object's degree and can be edited to change the shape. Knots determine how smooth a surface is, but cannot be manually moved. The evaluation rule uses a mathematical formula to assign numbers to points.

For more information, see the Overview of NURBS Geometry .


Rhino Training Manual
The official rhino training manual published by McNeel
Online User's Guide
Searchable user's guide similar to Help files in Rhino
Command List
An alphabetical list of all Rhino commands with links to explanations