Week 6 - August 1st - POST-PROCESSING

124a 2014 Summer

Course 124a
Date 2014/08/01
Learning Objectives This week we will bring our rendered images and exported 2D line work into Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop for post-processing. Working with entourage, we will populate rendered perspectives with scaled figures and furniture, and discuss how to successfully use entourage as a way to support the narrative of your project.
  • Intro to Post-Processing
  • Uses of Entourage
    • Scaled Figures
    • Contextual Information
    • Site and Landscape
Uses Tool(s) Photoshop CS5 , Illustrator CS5


Post processing includes many sets of operations and additions to final drawings in order to create a larger context into which the project is situated. Scaled figures including humans, plants, and objects aid in the narrative and contextualization in drawings and rendered images. Entourage can be photo-realistic or abstract line drawings and silhouettes depending on what the author is trying to convey through his or her representation.

Post Processing and Entourage