Week 6 - Complex Geometry

124b 2014 Summer

Course 124b
Date 2014/07/30
Learning Objectives This week we will continue working on the manipulation of lists and trees, an with an emphasis on manipulating matrixes. We will also go over some extra tools not yet covered that facilitate modeling complex form.
  • Review: lists vs trees
  • Exercise: Make a web
  • Lecture: Complex Geometry
  • Exercise: Paneling systems - testing for planarity
  • Linking it all together
Uses Tool(s)

Lecture: Complex Geometry

  • Reviewing Trees
    • shifting lists vs shifting trees
    • advanced list manipulation: the path mapper
  • Advanced Modeling Tools
    • grid manipulation
    • building surfaces from points
    • offset with fillet
    • Voronoi/Delauney
    • projection
    • bounding box, box morph
  • Conditional Statements
    • testing for conditions
    • boolean operations: containment, intersections
Paneling Systems
Linking it all together


As a group, choose a division of labor for the final project submission (massing,structure, skin) based on your case study building. For next week,you should each begin working on your respective piece of the design. Keep in mind, your grasshopper script should be well structured, clearly labeled and grouped. You will each be handing your piece of the script off to the other members of your team to use.
Please submit a working Grasshopper file (.gh or .ghx) to dropbox by next Monday at midnight. We will be working on these in class next week.