The course covers the process of creating, manipulating, and communicating through digital architectural models. The course focuses on creating effective workflows for movement between Rhinoceros models and Grasshopper. Students will learn the basics of parametric design with the intent of simplifying complex modeling procedures.

Course Syllabus

Term Project

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Course Outline

25 June Week 1 - Introduction + Rhino Overview
This first class will serve as an introduction to the course and its objectives. Students will be introduced to the online wiki which will provide the course content and weekly assignments. The second half of this class will be a brief overview of Rhino 3d commands and workflow tips. This session is intended as a refresher, as students are expected to be familiar with basic modeling in Rhino.

2 July Week 2 - Advanced Rhino Modelling
Continuing from last week's class, we will move on to more advanced 3D modeling in Rhino, looking at various approaches that can be taken when creating building form.

9 July Week 3 - Intro to Grasshopper - Controllers
This week, we'll be covering basic parametric workflows and modeling methods. We'll then take a look at creating Grasshopper definitions using the interface and components, moving to and from Rhino and controlling data flow.

16 July Week 4 - Lists and Data Types
This sessions will focus on learning to manage data flow for multiple items at once. Lists are a major part of almost any parametric design, and learning to manipulate them is essential to creating the jigs that control the design form.

23 July Week 5 - Data Management and Trees
This session will begin learning to manage large amounts of structured data in nested lists in order to create connections between relative geometric items.

30 July Week 6 - Complex Geometry
This week we will continue working on the manipulation of lists and trees, an with an emphasis on manipulating matrixes. We will also go over some extra tools not yet covered that facilitate modeling complex form.

6 August Week 7 - Final Project Workshop
This being the last class before the final presentation, it will be structured as a group discussion. Teams will have the opportunity to ask about any specific questions or problems that may have come up in their projects. We will also go over some fun extra tools available at your disposal in Grasshopper.

13 August Week 8 - Final Review