Topic Two Lecture & Problem Set

Arch 200c 2013 Fall

Course Arch 200c
Date 2013/09/24
Learning Objectives Today we'll enjoy our second topic lecture on Mapping and Diagramming, which presents efforts to move beyond the limitations inherent to descriptive geometric techniques. We'll also tackle our first problem set covering everything we've discussed in topic 1.
  • Problem Set One
  • Lecture - Mapping and Diagramming
  • On the Radar
    • Discussion of Readings on Thursday
Uses Tool(s)

Problem Set One

Go to the exercise page below and download the resource file "Rhino Massing Model 2".
Problem Set One

Lecture Two - Mapping

This session will be led by Kyle Steinfeld.


We will be discussing our first set of readings on Thursday. Everyone is expected to have read two readings out of those listed on here . If you are leading the discussion next week, summaries are due by midnight tonight!

Bas-Relief Examples