Lecture Four - Visualizing + Specifying

Arch 200c 2013 Fall

Course Arch 200c
Date 2013/10/29
Learning Objectives After a quick review of Problem Set Three, we'll move into our fourth lecture on a split topic. In the first half, we'll discuss the historic and contemporary uses of the perspectival image in architecture. In the second, we'll examine how recent advances in manufacturing and construction suggest a transformation in the use of representation in design.
  • Review of Problem Set 3
  • Lecture - Visualizing + Specifying
  • Capstone Project Presentations
  • On the Radar
    • discussion of readings next Tuesday
Uses Tool(s)

Review of Problem Set 3

We will spend five minutes at the top of class today reviewing Problem Set 3. Please arrive prepared with any questions you might have.

Lecture 4 - Visualizing + Specifying

This session will be led by Kyle Steinfeld.


A Brief History of BIM
Architecture Research Lab is a design and research consultancy founded by Michael Bergin and Alexandra Fenton (Berkeley's own!)
In which twelve drawings of historical drawing machines are drawn by a computer numerical controlled machine.


We will be discussing our final set of readings next Tuesday. Everyone is expected to have read two readings out of those listed here . If you are leading the discussion next week, summaries are due by midnight Sunday!