Workshop 3a

Arch 200c 2013 Fall

Course Arch 200c
Date 2013/10/03
Learning Objectives Concurrent with a redlining session of drawings produced for 200a, Workshop 3a will serve as an introduction to 3d computer modeling in general, and a survey of practices associated with NURBS surface modeling in particular. A technical history of the development of NURBS - from Bezier splines to contemporary implementations - serves as a backdrop for a discussion of common approaches to modeling in three dimensions.
  • Studio Redline Pinup (20m)
  • Workshop 3a (1hr)
  • On the Radar
    • Problem Set Two next Tuesday
    • discussion of readings next Thursday
Uses Tool(s) Rhinoceros

This session will be led by Kyle Steinfeld.

Studio Redline Pinup & Perspective Discussion

Please have a draft version of all required drawings pinned up in room 901 by the start of class. Your instructors who are not leading today's session will markup your work during today's workshop.

We will take a few minutes at the start of class today to discuss your perspective drawings.

Project 3

Today we present project three , which combines an investigation of a case-study building with an exploration of analysis of spatial and constructive systems.

Workshop 3a

Workshop 3d will serve as a general introduction to computer modeling, including a quick overview of architectural data structures and a more complete discussion of NURBS geometry .


Our second in-class Problem Set is next Tuesday, just after the Departure Two review. This should take an hour or less, and will ask you to perform a small exercise based on what we've covered in our workshops thus far. If you have any questions regarding the content or format of this drawing exercise, now is the time to ask!

Also, we will be discussing our second set of readings next Thursday. Everyone is expected to have read two readings out of those listed here . If you are leading the discussion next week, summaries are due by midnight Tuesday!