Course Introduction & Fabrication Workshop

Arch 200c 2013 Fall

Course Arch 200c
Date 2013/09/05
Learning Objectives Today we'll do a quick introduction and overview of the course, including a run-through the syllabus, a discussion of pedagogical goals and teaching methods, and a presentation of projects and deliverables. In Introductory Workshop C, students will learn how to prepare a 3d digital model for physical production via two methods.
  • Course Overview and Introduction (40m)
  • Introductory Workshop C
    • Overview of Two Form-Production Methods (10m)
    • Detailed Discussion of Two Form-Production Methods (1hr, split session)
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Course Overview and Introduction

Please review the course syllabus , seen below.

Project 1

Today we will introduce Project One , which will be reviewed in class on the following dates:

Thursday, Sep 12
Project Pinup
Thursday, Sep 19
Project Redline Pinup
Friday, Sep 20
All drawings due to be turned in before 200a site visit.
Monday, Sep 24
Drawings reviewed alongside Departure One

Introductory Workshop c

This split session will be led by Kirsten Larson, and Rudy Letsche.

In groups of three, everyone should cut and assemble the test model. Get organized, and go buy your materials in bulk TODAY at Blick. Contouring people will need the actual material on hand in order to calculate contour dimension.
On Friday
The lab is open for cutting from 11am - 1 pm and 5-10 pm. If you're ready to cut early, go for it!
On Saturday
Rudy & Kirsten in lab for office hours from 4p-6p
On Sunday
The lab is open for cutting from 10 am - 8 pm

Loft Production Workflow

Loft Production Workflow

Triangulation Production Workflow

Triangulation Production Workflow


Waffle Model Method
Written by Johanna Kanerud, Rhino file with instructions here .