Workshop 0a - Casting

Arch 200c 2014 Fall

Course Arch 200c
Date 2014/08/29
Learning Objectives Plaster casting workshop. Having completed woodshop orientation, students are now certified to use the general shop facilities. This workshop will meet in the woodshop on the 2nd floor of Wurster Hall, and will walk students through the process of casting plaster forms.
  • Plaster Casting Workshop (60 m)
  • students cast and assemble plaster forms (45m)
Uses Tool(s)

This session will be led by Jeremy Shiman and Eleanna Panagoulia in the ceramics courtyard behind Wurster Hall. Wear appropriate clothing: pants, closed-toed shoes, no loose hanging shirts/jewelry. Additionally, do not wear clothing that cannot get dirty as plaster casting can be quite messy.

  • 11am: Presentation of plaster casting assignment and demonstration.
  • 12noon: Plaster casting workshop

Helpful Information

Locations to purchase plaster:

  • Douglas and Sturgess - There are two locations a relatively short drive from Berkeley.
  • Blick/Utrecht - There are two locations in Berkeley
  • Home Depot - Not the highest quality, but there is one location a short drive from Berkeley.

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