Problem Set & Postgame

Arch 200c 2014 Fall

Course Arch 200c
Date 2014/10/14
Learning Objectives A review of work presented in 200a, and the second problem set covering everything discussed in topic 2. Review the content linked to on this page, and come to class prepared to demonstrate your proficiency in the aspects of the canon of architectural techniques described therein.
  • Postgame Review (30m)
  • Problem Set (90 m)
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Postgame Review

Congratulations on making it through your 200a presentation! Today we'll pinup work you presented for this review, and take some time to go over comments you received from the jury regarding how well you applied what you've learned in 200c. Please have all relevant work pinned up and ready to discuss at the start of class.

Problem Set

Using a set of standard 2D hull construction drawings, in today's problem set we will construct a 3d model of a Guillemot S-Series Kayak. This problem set requires a digtial model to be submitted via email.


To ensure successful completion of today's problem set, you may review the following pages:

Review One