Manipulating Site Surfaces to Fit a Design

Screenshot Model - Screenshot.png
Rather than just plopping a design on top of a surface, the site model should be edited to include the design by cutting into and re-modeling parts of the site itself. This exercise requires students to trim and rebuild the surrounding site to include the added design.
Assessment objectives
  • Ability to trim, split and cut existing surfaces
  • Ability to insert new surfaces as required
  • General understanding of working with landscape elements (when to cut into the site, when to change the site)
Exercise Type Problem Set
Evaluation Criteria
High Pass
Final model includes the new design seamlessly with no holes or gaps. New site context is not overly manipulated or split into too many pieces.
Final model is includes the new design into the sites with a few mistakes in precision and detail.
Low Pass
Model is unfinished and missing many surfaces. Overall final product is imprecise and complicated.
Student has failed to cut into the site surfaces.
Uses Tool(s) Tool:Rhino v4.x
Uses Workflow(s)

A new design linking the parking lot to the Portrero library has been added to the site model but requires work manipulating the site to include this new design. Split, trim and cut the existing site as needed to fit in the new design, remodeling the landscape as needed. Emphasis on simplicity and precision.


Potrero Hill Site Example