Create Exterior and Interior Renderings of Case Study House

Screenshot CSH1 exterior 2.jpg
Using VRay for Rhino, create a rendering of your Case Study House 3D model using using the sunlight system, rendering the shadows cast on the surfaces.
Assessment objectives

Assessment objectives include:

  • Demonstrates an Understanding of Sunlight System in VRay
  • Can produce a well lit and well composed Rendering
  • Using Saved Views
  • Ability to Move Between Programs to Create a Composite Rendering
Exercise Type Problem Set
Evaluation Criteria
High Pass
Renderings are well lit with shadows present and white balance corrected. Linework has been cleaned up, and is sized correctly and layered over rendered image. The linework is placed in Photoshop and edited in Illustrator using Smart Objects link, and lineweight has variation distinguishing materials, and objects distance from the camera.
Renders are well lit with shadows present. Linework is sized correctly and layered over rendered image, but there are some issues. Linework is placed in Photoshop using Smart Objects link, although missing lineweight variation.
Low Pass
Renderings are poorly lit and have issues with sunlight system and camera settings. Linework is not sized correctly and doesn't layer properly over the rendered image. Linework is placed improperly in Photoshop without Smart Object link. No lineweight variation. Issues throughout.
no submission
Uses Tool(s) Tool:Rhino v4.x , Tool:VRay , Tool:Photoshop CS5 , Tool:Illustrator CS5
Uses Workflow(s)

Using Vray for Rhino3D you will create 2 EXTERIOR RENDERINGS AND 2 INTERIOR RENDERINGS Using Rhino 3D to save named views of each of your rendering positions, you will be able to not only render the frames in Vray, but also extract linework of that same saved view to layer it over the image using Photoshp and Illustrator by placing the Illustrator file as a "Smart Object".

Renderings will allow you to develop a narrative about your particular case study house, which you should take care to construct before saving views at random. Think about what the story is that you are trying to tell through these rendered views, and incorporate that story into your final presentation of these projects. These renderings should support each other in telling the story of your Case Study House.

2 Exterior Renderings of Case Study House
2 Interior Renderings of Case Study House

Please create a folder for your four photoshop (.psd) files in box with: lastname_firstname_section01 or section02