Week 4 Assignment

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This assignment has us using the 3D models we've created of the Hargrove Music Library in order to make 2 basic renderings. Appropriate detailing, camera set up, and environment settings in Vray will be the most important aspect of this assignment.
Assessment objectives

Assessment objectives include:

  • Completing a detailed 3D model
  • Setting up Cameras and Saved Views in Rhino
  • Using Basic Vray Materials
  • Setting up a Basic Environment and Sunlight with Vray
Exercise Type
Evaluation Criteria
High Pass
1 Interior and 1 Exterior Render, clearly rendered and detailed
1 Interior and 1 Exterior Render, but with material and lighting issues
Low Pass
1 Render missing, multiple material and lighting issues
No Submission
Uses Tool(s) Rhino , Vray
Uses Workflow(s) [[Uses workflow:: 79395 ]]

This assignment requires the use of your existing 3D model of the Hargrove Music Library. You will be creating 1 Exterior Rendering of the North East corner of the Library, looking toward the South West (this specific view should be a 2pt perspective and was explained in detail in class. If you missed it or are not clear on this, please ask your fellow students for clarification on Piazza. Do not guess! ) You will also be creating 1 Interior Rendering of a view that you decide upon yourself. However, make sure the Interior shot has a window in it somewhere. Both renders will be done with a basic white material on all layers other than glass . Anywhere you have glass, you can choose to use a translucent white material or use no material at all and hide the layer. All renders will use the sunlight system as the only light source.

Make sure that your 3D model has an appropriate level of detail in it within each of your scenes. This means you don't need to add furniture or lighting fixtures or bookshelves throughout the whole building, but do need to put them in your rendered views specifically. The terrain should be extended out as well, in order to approximate a horizon. You can also feel free to adjust your lens lengths for a more dramatic perspective, but please don't go below 20 or it will look overly warped.

Render Size: Width: 2500; Height: 1500
File Types: Save both renders ad PNG files from Vray and place them next to each other in Illustrator. Save the Illustrator file as a single PDF.

Last Name, First Name_Week 4_Section 01 or 02

Email to arch124a@gmail.com on Thursday night (July 25th) at 11:59pm. Also, please make sure your files aren't big. Anything over 25mb cannot be accepted by the gmail mail server.