Making Orthographic Drawings from a 3d Digital Model

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Using a given 3D model, students will construct a 2D plan drawing of the building. This task will require the use of 3-dimensional translation, basics understanding of make 2D and section commands to produce a clean, accurate, detailed drawing.
Assessment objectives

Fluency in basic 3D to 2D modeling will be reflected in students' ability to:

  • Translate 3D forms to 2D shapes correctly and efficiently.
  • Employ judgment on use of hidden lines and editing of lines.
  • Drawing of additional detail elements.
Exercise Type
Evaluation Criteria
High Pass
Drawing accurately scaled and includes an appropriate amount of detail. Lineweights adjusted to clearly represent the different elements of the building
Some elements missing, drawing still exhibits an understanding of the major components and steps necessary to create a complete and compelling drawing.
Low Pass
Lineweights oversimplified and missing higher level understanding of description of overhead elements or stair construction.
Use of a single lineweight, basic lines missing from drawing.
Uses Tool(s) Tool:Rhino v4.x , Tool:Illustrator CS5
Uses Workflow(s) Workflow:872289

Using the given 3D model, cut a 2D drawing of the model as a foundation for the plan and section drawing of the building. Use the planes that are already modeled in 3 dimensions to produce the major lines of the drawing, as well as an understanding of construction practices and materials to draw smaller scale elements such as mullions, glass planes, and different material elements correctly. Additional lines, such as those for stairs and overhead elements, can be added afterwards. Lineweights should be adjusted to accurately describe the elements in the drawing.

The two drawings, plan and section, should be organized on the page in reference to each other. See example in the Exercise image above.

Drawings should be submitted at 1' = 1/4” scale placed on a 24" x 36" artboard. Files should be submitted by the end of class via email to using the following naming convention : Lastname_Firstname_Week4.pdf.

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