Create an Axon of the Hargrove Music Library

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For this assignment, you'll be pulling apart your 3D model to create an axonometric drawing of various building elements, such as terrain, structure, glass, facade, mullions, and louvers. Focusing on clearly connecting these elements with either construction lines or hidden lines will be the challenge.
Assessment objectives

Assessment objectives include:

  • clear separation of building elements
  • line weight distinction within each element
  • adequate and even spacing between elements
  • appropriate annotation and labeling
Exercise Type Project
Evaluation Criteria
High Pass
Completed Axon with terrain layer, concrete foundation and facade layer, glass layer, mullion layer and louver layer. Extra Credit: Stair layer and circulation path layer.
Completed Axon, per above, but with various issues
Low Pass
Incomplete Axon, missing key elements, incorrectly separated
No submission
Uses Tool(s) Rhino 5 , Illustrator CS6
Uses Workflow(s) Workflow:580271

Please complete an axonometric drawing of the Hargrove Music Library, separating out the various levels of the building that you have 3d modeled. Once you've separated out your building elements, make sure you are in parallel view and have place a few helpful construction lines that tie together each element back to the base layer (terrain). Save your view and use Make2D to produce your lines in top view. Then adjust the lines per the referenced workflow to allow for easy line weight assignment in Illustrator. You may even consider putting in a hidden line outline of your building in the terrain layer.

For reference and questions about 3d details, please use this image pack: Photos and

Remember, you can separate vertically and horizontally, but make the main separations vertical and only small details horizontal separations. Good luck!

Please save the drawing as a PDF after assigning line weights in Illustrator:

Last Name, First Name_Week 3_Section 01 or 02

Email to no later than Thursday night (July 18th) at 11:59pm. Also, please make sure your files aren't big. Anything over 25mb cannot be accepted by the gmail mail server.