Illustrator: Layout Composition + Line Weights

Screenshot Week3 exercise title.png
This exercise will focus on page layout and line weights through the use of guides, alignment tools, and stroke adjustments.
Assessment objectives

Assessment objectives include:

  • Layer management
  • Precise guide usage
  • Consistent alignment
  • Page layout
Exercise Type Problem Set
Evaluation Criteria
High Pass
Lines, annotations, and titles are aligned into precise, evenly spaced and centered columns and rows
Lines, annotations, and titles are evenly spaced and organized into columns and rows
Low Pass
Lines, annotations, and titles are imprecisely arranged onto the page
There is no attempt to organize the information
Uses Tool(s) Tool:Illustrator CS5
Uses Workflow(s) Workflow:336056

Use the techniques we covered to create a line weight chart. List line weights 0.1 pt, 0.2 pt, 0.3 pt, 0.4 pt, 0.5 pt, 0.6 pt, 0.7 pt, 0.8 pt, 0.9 pt, 1.0 pt, 1.25 pt, & 1.50 pt.

Considerations worth addressing:

• Use GUIDES to establish margins • Use the ALIGN TOOLS • The GROUP command can be helpful • Center the contents both horizontally and vertically • Focus on even spacing and overall page composition

Name your file with the following format: 11b-last name_first name.pdf. Submit your finished PDF into the Week 3 Submissions folder on BSPACE. You can find it here: "11B > Resources > Digital Lab > Week 3 > Week 3 Submissions".

If you experience any trouble uploading onto bspace please use Dropbox.

Remember to COPY files and PASTE them onto your computer. DO NOT DRAG FILES FROM DROPBOX as it will remove them and ultimately prevent others from obtaining a copy of them.

Here is an example for reference. You do not have to copy this exact format.

Exercise 3 Example

Week3 exercise lineweights.png