Photoshop: Lighting Adjustment + Select Pixel Editing

Screenshot Exercise-2.jpg
This exercise will focus on creating a photorealistic image through the manipulation of light, color, tone, and shadow.
Assessment objectives

Assessment objectives include:

  • Layer management
  • Sensitivity to color, light, and tonal relationships
  • Proper use of shadow
Exercise Type Problem Set
Evaluation Criteria
High Pass
The two layers share the same tonal, color, and light range. Shadows are introduced. Surface texture compatibility is addressed.
The two layers share the same tonal, color, and light range. Shadows are addressed.
Low Pass
Tonal, color, and light range similarity are addressed.
No attempt has been made to strengthen the color, light, and tonal similarities between the two images
Uses Tool(s) Tool:Photoshop CS5
Uses Workflow(s) Workflow:832701

Working in the Exercise 2.psd file (found in the Exercise 2 folder on Dropbox), use your knowledge of what was covered in Workflow 2: Photoshop Basics 2: Lighting Adjustment + Select Pixel Editing.

Use the techniques we covered to manipulate BOTH layers in an attempt to harmonize them and create a convincing photorealist final composition. YOU MUST WORK IN COLOR.

Considerations worth addressing:

• Adding necessary shadow(s)
• Editing out the red star points from the motel sign (behind the inserted tower)
• Experimenting with the HUE slider within the HUE / SATURATION ADJUSTMENT LAYER
• Adding noise

Name your file with the following format: 11b-last name_first name.pdf. Submit your finished PDF into the Week 2 Submissions folder on Dropbox.

Remember to COPY files and PASTE them onto your computer. DO NOT DRAG FILES FROM DROPBOX as it will remove them and ultimately prevent others from obtaining a copy of them.
Corbusier Tower Layer

Corb tower.jpg

Landscape Layer

Eggleston station.jpg