Create a Rendered Orthographic Drawing

Screenshot CTL Site Plan small.png
Using a given base drawing, add additional entourage including trees, material, and people. With the given assets, place entourage in the drawing and add shadows and texture. Exercise will measure ability to interpret scale and ability to use tools to create textures and shadow.
Assessment objectives
  • Ability to manipulate images in Photoshop to create texture and shadow.
  • Ability to accurately depict scale using entourage (plants, people, materials, shadows).
  • Ability to use resources to convey an architectural concept.
Exercise Type Problem Set
Evaluation Criteria
High Pass
Compiled drawing uses given materials and scales them appropriately in the drawing. Shadows are accurately rendered. The appropriate boundaries are used for the different materials. The drawing largely conveys the intended idea and has a strong strategy to achieve it.
Compiled drawing uses given materials and scales them appropriately in the drawing, with some errors. Shadows are inaccurately rendered, but a basic understanding of shadows and light can be seen. The appropriate boundaries are used for the different materials with some errors, overlap, or unclean edges. The drawing conveys the intended idea with room for improvement.
Low Pass
Compiled drawing does not use given materials or scales them inappropriately in the drawing. Shadows are inaccurately rendered, with little understanding of shadows and light. Boundaries are used for the different materials but with multiple errors. The drawing does not at all convey the intended idea.
No drawing or no changes.
Uses Tool(s) Tool:Photoshop CS5
Uses Workflow(s) Workflow:264520

Orthographics & Entourage

Using the assets provided, create a rendered drawing that uses entourage and shadow to convey an idea about the building. Though you may not know much about this specific building, you can impress a certain feeling onto the drawing through the use of entourage.

There are three base drawings to choose from: a site plan with some context of the surrounding site; a floor plan showing the basic spatial relationships; and a section of the building. There are also three basic concepts to portray: light and shadow; building and site; and material and spatial relationships.

Using one base drawing and one concept, as well as the basic entourage pieces provided, create an orthographic drawing that uses the entourage pieces to convey the idea. You may also use a single color other than black and white to convey a material or a particular design concept. This color may be partnered with another asset provided.


Base Drawings
People + Trees

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