Create a render with two different VRay image maps

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This exercise will gauge your ability to use VRay to create a simple render with two different materials - concrete and wood. Being able to complete this exercise correctly is essential if you wish to create accurate rendered scenes.
Assessment objectives

Assessment objectives include:

  • Using the sunlight system to create a light in the scene
  • Creating two materials in VRay
  • Rendering the scene to get accurate shadows and material textures
Exercise Type Problem Set
Evaluation Criteria
High Pass
Scene shows correct shadows and materials are placed and scaled properly
Scene shows correct shadows and one correct material is placed and scaled properly
Low Pass
Scene shows correct shadows only, materials are placed, but materials both look wrong
Scene shows incorrect shadows and incorrect materials; no submission
Uses Tool(s) Tool:Rhino v4.x , Tool:VRay
Uses Workflow(s) [[Uses workflow:: Vray Review ]]


Step 1:
Having learned how to use the Sunlight System, set the location to San Francisco, CA. Set the date to 2/1/2013, and set the time to 2:00pm. Then place your sun in the scene and make sure your Vray GI (Global Illumination) and Background is set to the light you've placed (should show up as Light01). If it's set to default, change it to Light01.

Step 2:
Place an infinate plane anywhere in your scene.

Step 3:
Set up your VRay materials for concrete, wood and an off-white ground and set the layers so the window frame and ramp layer renders in wood, the room layer in concrete and the infinite plan in the off-white color.

Step 4:
Set your view to "rendered view" and render at 1200x700. Save as a jpeg file and upload to the appropriate section, shown below. Don't forget you can adjust your render size in the Vray Options under "output".

Download Files:
You can download the files here:
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