Basic Orthographic Drawings in AutoCAD

Screenshot Massing for orthographic drawings.jpg
This exercise practices producing drawings in AutoCAD from an image of a massing model.
Assessment objectives

Assessment objectives include:

  • demonstration of a basic competency in orthographic projection using AutoCAD.
Exercise Type Problem Set
Evaluation Criteria
High Pass
Four or more views of the given massing. All geometry rendered correctly and completely. Linework and poche applied with a high level of craft. Spaces clearly depicted and depth suggested through the use of lineweight.
Four or more completed views of the given massing. Most geometry rendered correctly and completely, with proper application of poche, hidden line, and elevational surfaces.
Low Pass
Drawings not complete or geometrically incorrect. Linework messy, poche and/or hidden lines incorrectly applied.
Drawings incomplete or not attempted.
Uses Tool(s) Tool:AutoCAD 2012
Uses Workflow(s)


Working from the given image of a massing model (jpeg file, link below), produce a minimum of four orthographic views of the described massing. Your drawing should be at a 1:1 scale relative to the dimensions in the image. Although it has certain features that begin to resemble a building, you should treat the massing described here as a simple solid. There are two options here - either consider the mass to be made of a single, solid material (like a strangely formed block of artisinal tofu) or consider the top layer to be one material and the bottom layer to be a second material.

The image contains some red lines, which indicate required sections. Any elevation views and plan views are acceptable. In AutoCAD, set up the drawings on sheets of equal size. Print out the finished drawings and bring them to the next class meeting to pin up for review. Be sure to arrange the drawings on the wall such that alignments between drawings follow the conventions of orthographic projection.

The drawings should be laid out so that all drawings register with at least one other drawing, and they should all be printed on 11x17 sheets of paper.


Massing Model Image