Course Help

Generally speaking, you shouldn't be creating your own Course pages from scratch. Let the Studiomaven admins do that.

Courses are structured through weekly Sessions . Any content on a Course page is only relevant to that course. However, the concepts covered in courses can eventually be generalized and contribute to content on the rest of the Wiki.

Semantic Structure

Each Course page has the following semantic properties.

Course Number
The Course Number refers to the name of the course according to the naming and numbering conventions of the institution.
Course Name
The Course Name is the more descriptive name of the course that can be found in a catalog.
The Instructor refers to the last name(s) of the professors teaching the course.
The Institution is the name of the school at which the course is taught.
The Semester is the year and semester during which the course is taught (Fall, Spring, and Summer for schools on the semester system).
Is Active
Yes means the course is currently in session. No means the course was taught in the past.
The Sessions are the pages for weekly lectures or lessons.

Free-Text Structure

Each Course page should more-or-less adhere to follow the following structure.

The Sessions should be listed chronologically. The title of each Session should follow this structure: Week Number - Topic . The title of each session should be level two heading . Describe each Session, including information about the importance of the topics in the larger scheme of the Course. Include a link to the Session and Exercise pages associated with each week.
Links to external resources, general reference files stored on the level 2 headings , and any reference material that may prove useful. Structured as a level two heading called "Resources". The list of resources should be structured as a definition list , with the link as the bolded text.