A visual node-based scripting tool that is a plug-in for Rhino. This used to be called 'Explicit History' for Rhino and a good way to describe it's usefulness is that it allows you to record a series of commands, where each step can be tied to a parameter for later adjustment.
Manufacturer McNeel
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Parameters, Components, and Data , Elk for Grasshopper , Data Tree

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Official Website
This site contains general information about Grasshopper.
Download Grasshopper
Download Grashopper here.
Digital Toolbox
Digital Toolbox is a website that investigates and educates on the use of tools in architecture.
Grasshopper Primer
The Grasshopper Primer is a comprehensive introduction to the basics of Grasshopper. On this page, you'll also find a collection of source files to get you started in Grasshopper.

Video Tutorials

Introduction to Grasshopper Webinar
An introduction to Grasshopper by David Rutten.
A massive number of video tutorials.
Design Reform
Lots of video tutorials by the guys at CASE.