Main Dialog
To display the Main Dialog, type "Grasshopper" into the Rhino command prompt.
Part of Grasshopper
Part Type Interface
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Component Panel

Area exposes all component categoris. All components belong to a certain category such as “Params” for all primitive data types or “Curves” for all curve related tools.

Canvas Toolbar

Canvas toolbar provides quick access to a number of frequently used features: Sketch tool Zoom defaults Navigation Map Zoom extents Focus corners Named vies Rebuild solution Rebuild events Cluster compacor Cluster exploder Bake tool Preview settings Hide button


This is the actual editor where you define and edit the history network. Objects on the canvas are usually color coded to provide feedback about their state:  A parameter which contains warnings is displayed as organge  A parameter which contains neither warnings or errs is displayed as grey  A component which has at least 1 warning associated with it is displayed as orange  A component which contains neither warnings nor errors is displayed as grey  A componet which contains at least 1 error is displayed as red

Status Bar

Viewort Preview Feedback

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