Modeling for Lasercut Topo Models


Contour Model.JPG

This workflow will detail the process of generating a "cutfile" for a lasercutter by contouring a solid 3d model in Rhino.
Uses Tool(s) Rhinoceros
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Open File

Step Two

If not already scaled, scale the digital model to the desired model scale.

Step Three

Type CONTOUR in the command bar and press ENTER.

Step Four

Select the object then press ENTER again.

Step Five

You will then be asked to select an ORIGIN POINT then a second point “perpendicular to the CONTOUR PLANES”.

Step Six

You will now be prompted to type in the distance between contours. This will be the dimension (thickness) of the material you will be using to make your model.

Step Seven

The Contours will now be generated. Once done the contour lines will turn yellow and the command bar will clear, ready for the next command.

Step Eight

Move the contours away from the model to a space near the model.

Step Nine

If not already there, click into the TOP VIEW.

Step Ten

Move the individual contours away from one another so you can start to set up the cut sheet.

Step Eleven

Rotate the now separated contours so that they can be seen in the top view by using the ROTATE3D command.

Step Twelve

Select the contours and PROJECT TO CPLANE. You will then be asked whether or not you want to delete the original geometry. Select yes.

Step Thirteen

Copy the contours to a new location above the original contours and put the new contours on a different layer.

Step Fourteen

MOVE this new layer and place the contours on the previous contour cut. These lines will be a reference for stacking the contours once they are cut. It will also be a good idea to number the contour so that you know which one is which.

Step Fifteen

Once complete. Draw the size of the sheet that you will be placing the contours on and fit the contours within that boundary.

Note: Try to save as much material as possible by placing the cuts end to end.