Post Rendering Processing

Arch 100b 2012 Spring

Course Arch 100b
Date 2012/04/13
Learning Objectives This session will go over a sampling of basic photoshop techniques for post-processing renderings from Vray. Items will include image adjustments, bringing in entourage including people, plants, water, and sky.
  • Overview of key Photoshop commands
  • Understanding of use of layers, masks, layer styles.
  • Introducing Secondary Imagery/Entourage to enliven a render
  • Editing all components within a scene to create a cohesive render
Uses Tool(s) Photoshop CS5

Photoshop for Post-Processing

Using photoshop on simple Vray Renders to create different effects, using environmental entourage and photoshop image manipulations.

Key Photoshop Elements for Post Processing:

  • Layers : main organizational feature
  • Layer Style : Allows for adjustability of features of a given layer
  • Layer Transparency : Options for transparency and visibility regarding layering
  • Channels : Useful for alpha channel rendering with Vray, ie. depth of field
  • History : Keeping track of moves within photoshop
  • Image Transformation : Changing shape or orientation of images
  • Image Adjustments : Changing appearance of images, ie. Levels, Desaturate, Curves
  • Image Filters : Blur, Liquify
  • Tools Palette : Move, marquee, crop, eyedropper, dodge/burn, erase, smudge, blur, paintbrush, clonestamp, etc.
|Workflow 12]]: Creating Composite Renderings in Photoshop.
Exercise 12
Creating Composite Renderings in Photoshop

Online Sources of Materials

Video Tutorial-Raw Render to Finished Photoshop Render : A very detailed overview of post-processing in Photoshop.

Video Tutorial-Post Processing to Produce Water and Reflections : Good quick techniques for adding water and reflections in Photoshop.

Video Tutorial-Adding people to Renders in Photoshop : Different techniques for adding people to Photoshop for different conditions. : Free entourage including people, animals, plants, vehicles, furniture. : Free entourage with login. : Free entourage. : Free entourage.